Meet the team

    Emma William — News Writer

    CAN — Since Emma parents purchased her new computer after helping her save little amounts of the money for months, she has never stopped gaming. She has basically two places she spends her time at, with us testing games or at home with her family.

     David Michael— Associate Editor

    US — David started playing games a little late in his life, and that’s why he’s extremely fascinated with working with everything that relates to gaming. Camping is what James does when away from work. He’s a hands-on person.

    Demi Biesmans— Global Editor-in-Chief

    US — Demi Biesmans has a passion for playing Hearthstone and writing about it. His incredible writing skills, developed over the years, have made him a great asset at work and that explains in present position. He certainly doesn’t spend most of his time on Hearthpwn.com, except when he is at home with his dog Batman.