Once you acquire the finest gaming PC on the market, it’s possible for you to be easily tempted to stroll at the local gaming hardware store and grab yourself a cheap or low end gaming keyboard. Doing that is a disservice – the best should always go with the best. High-end keyboards for gamers can improve one’s skills in some intricate video games especially if it is a mechanical keyboard. Membrane keyboards don’t go well with gaming PCs due to the tendency of the membranes to wear out quickly when subjected to sustained play. Lighting is another factor to put into consideration – no one wants want to use an unlit or dim keyboard in 2019. When it comes to price, you should buy a gaming keyboard that falls within your budgetary plans but it shouldn’t be too cheap to the point of sacrificing essential features. Here are cheap gaming keyboards that don’t suck:

1. HyperX Alloy Elite

This keyboard comes with most of the media keys that are essential for most games. The palm rest and the light bar are also included. It has a wired interface, the backlighting property, but no programmable keys. With a price tag of US$82, it is one of the few affordable gaming keyboards available in 2019.

2. Razer Huntsman Elite

Razer’s innovativeness has been taken a new level high as made evident by this keyboard. It boasts of optomechanical switches (optical sensors integrated with mechanical switches) and a wired interface that features much thinner wires than its predecessors. The intricate design and the number of cutting edge technologies that comes with it necessitated the need for power supply to be transmitted via two USB cables. It costs a small fortune of US$199 which is worth everything onboard.

3. Cooler Master’s MasterSet MS120

Cooler Master’s MasterSet MS120 avoids veering into the high-end class by sporting a compact design and rather illustrious lighting. The mechanical switches offer an impressive tactile feedback. It actually comes as a set together with a similarly designed mouse that doesn’t impress much. The keyboard lacks programmable keys. With a price tag of US$87, it is well within the reach of most gamers.

4. Corsair K63 Wireless

Finally, a wireless gaming keyboard that costs less than US$100! It comes wit Cherry MX Reddish switches, a range of media controls and an RGB lighting that doesn’t flood the whole room with light. However, the flimsy clips on its palmrest are a remarkable setback. At a cost of US$89, it’s still one of the easily recommendable gaming keyboards out there for any gamer on a tight budget.

Image credit to alienware