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    Do you love video gaming and geeking out over gaming hardware? The you’d love to be a writer for Sin Squid.

    We are looking for true ninjas, who love to deep dive into gaming hardware reviews and perform in-depth research to help gamers understand the latest hardware an if it’s worth buying.

    There are some rules:

    1. You must write this article yourself! Sounds obvious, but you’re be surprised…
    2. Cover the subject in it’s entirety for example, if you wrote an article on the “best gaming cpu” we would expect you to perform analysis of the market finding the best CPU’s any relevant benchmarks or faults, compare them in a table and then tell the reader which is the best gaming CPU and why (budget, performance, don’t buy… etc).
    3. Sources, you must and we mean MUST cite your sources – if you use an image tell us where you got it from so we can credit the author or origin.
    4. Links, if you include links they must not be for commercial intent and they must link to relevant sites and most importantly ADD VALUE for the reader.
    5. Well written, proof read your content! Then proof read it again! And maybe even a 3rd time, we recommend you read it out loud this helps things sound way more natural in most cases.
    6. Article length, we don’t have a strict process on article length but any review that fully covers a subject is typically 800 words or more.
    7. Images and Video, please do use them – if you can use your own images even better if you can’t please make sure you have permission and provide us with the source.
    8. Make sure we have not already covered the subject recently! If we have perhaps you could update the old content instead of starting from scratch.

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